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It's Movie Night at Karen & Eric's!Our features for tonight are "Shaun Of The Dead" and the 80's classic "Poltergeist".Yeeeaaaah...I think that shower curtain makes a great movie screen.Eric setting up.Eric still setting up.This has to be the coziest drive-in I've ever seen.This double feature is sold out.Dang it. Trina forgot my safety blankie!Laura wants to know just how scary IS Poltergeist?Rachael: When's this feature start? I'm having second thoughts. Trina: I have wine. It's all good.Eric loads his classic movie trailers for the packed house.I must say, "Shaun Of The Dead" was funnier the second time around.What's scarier? "Poltergeist" or the late-late-late feature, "Eric's Adventures in Okinawa"?

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